Why You Should Build Your Photography Website in Tumblr

We’re big fans of WordPress around here as the number one tool in helping professional photographers get a great website up and running. We’ve made a huge resource center of WordPress themes, tutorials, and tips for photographers. That’s how much we love the platform. That said though, it’s not the only choice.

Tumblr is quite possibly easier to use, though not nearly as robust, and certainly a viable choice for the most basic of websites. If you just want to give people your contact info and keep them busy with a fun blog, you can’t do better than Tumblr, since it’s free and quick and easy to set up!


Why Photographers Should Choose Tumblr – Easy to Use


The backend of Tumblr is remarkably easy to use. When you want to post content, just login and hit one of the buttons across the top of the page.

how to use tumblr

Then, just enter in your content, or upload a picture or video. It’s that simple!

how to use tumblr 2


Why Photographers Should Choose Tumblr – Fresh Templates


There are numerous free templates available right from tumblr.com for your website. The templates are clean you can change them whenever you want very easily. If you’re looking for premium templates, ThemeForest has a number of great one too!

tumblr templates

This is the one place Tumblr falls a little short of WordPress though. WordPress allows for much more robust and customizable themes from numerous different sources.


Why Photographers Should Choose Tumblr – Static Pages


Tumblr is just a blogging platform where you can post funny pictures right? Actually, no. When you’re choosing a template for your content, you can also create static pages where you can tell your company’s story. Create a page with your contact info and a map to your studio. Create pages that show off a portfolio of your work, or create pages listing all your services. You can do just about anything!


Why Photographers Should Choose Tumblr – Tumblr Community


Tumblr has 110 million registered users. It’s estimated at least 1/3 of those users are actively posting content every month. This is important because you’re instantly visible to all of these users via post tagging. Tag any posts you make with common keywords like “photography” and your content can get found  pretty easily.

When you first log into Tumblr, you see a big list of posts from all the tags you follow. Everybody sees this and it allows users to easily share other people’s posts. All reposts are attributed back to the source, so it’s great for building your profile.

If you don’t have any content to post on your site, you can simply reblog something from any of the Tumblr tags you follow. Check out the screenshot below. Just hit “reblog”, add a comment or two, and it’s posted!

tumblr community for photographers


Why Photographers Should Choose Tumblr – Use Your Own Domain


You can point your own domain to a Tumblr site in just a matter of minutes. It keeps the same simple Tumblr administrative back-end and everything. So what are you waiting for? Go out there and use Tumblr!

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