How a Photographer Can Use Rich Snippets to Get More Visitors to Their Website

Rich Snippets (also referred to as markup) are an online vocabulary created by a collaborative community to better structure data on the Internet. Tens of millions of websites already use the markup, which is fully supported and embraced by all the major search engines.

These rich snippets will not, on their own, make you rank more highly on relevant Google searches. They will organize your content in such a way that the search engines will better decipher what your company does and can include more about your company in the search results, making people more likely to click through to your site.

Here are the many ways a professional photographer can leverage rich snippets to improve their website’s visibility:

Rich Snippets for Photographers – Local Business

Of all the rich snippets a photographer can leverage, Local Business is likely to be the most important one for your company. This snippet allows you to markup your content with all the important aspects of your business. Operating hours, images, descriptions, phone numbers, directions, and more. Here’s an example:

Local Business Schema Markup

Rich Snippets for Photographers – Product

If you have a product/service that you provide, and that product/service has its own page on your website, you can definitely mark it up. This will include things like pricing, images, and descriptions to make people more informed and likely to click through.

Schema Product Markup Rich SNippets

Rich Snippets for Photographers – Reviews

Piggybacking off the product/service markup, those same pages can also include reviews that may make people more likely to click through to your site. If you do a search for “Kansas City Wedding Photography Services” and see that one of the listings has a 5-star review after 30 reviews and the other listings do not, which are you going to click on?

Schema Reviews Markup Rich SNippets

Rich Snippets for Photographers – Everything Else

  • Articles – if you have a blog, there’s no reason not to structure your content to your advantage. You’ll get thumbnail icons on the search result and can even show up on Google’s “In the News” section or on content carousels.

Schema Articles Markup Rich SNippets

  • Apps – if your company has its own app, you can markup the app’s webpage so that people will be more likely to click through when they see it. Here’s an example:

Schema Apps Markup Rich SNippets

  • Events – are you going to be a speaker at a conference? Include this markup so that your schedule shows up right in the search results.

Schema Events Markup Rich SNippets

  • Videos – every video on your site can be marked up so that a little thumbnail icon from the video also appears in your search results. Like other images in search results, it makes the result more likely to be clicked on. The search engines also can’t really see the content of a video, so the markup will help them better determine what is in the video and rank you for it accordingly.
  • Recipes – so…yeah, this one probably does not apply. But if you ever think about making a cake shaped like a camera and want to share the recipe on your website, definitely mark it up. It’ll put a picture of the recipe in the search result and people are much more likely to click on it!

Photographers Guide to Rich Snippets

Photographer’s Guide to Implementing Rich Snippets

We LOVE WordPress around these parts. And for good reason — it’s the best and easiest web platform there is for making a website for professional photographers. It’s great for SEO, flexible, secure, and endlessly customizable. Amongst the many other amazing WordPress plugins for photographers that exist, there are a number of plugins that make implementing rich snippets a breeze. You don’t need to touch any code!

  • All In One Rich Snippets: a free plugin that will help you implement Review, Event, People, Product, Recipe, Apps, Video, and Articles rich snippets on a page-by-page basis.
  • WP Social SEO Booster: another free plugin that works with your existing SEO plugins to include even more functionality! It’ll handle rich snippets mark up for everything the above plugin does, but also includes Open Graph markup to give you more control over how your content shows up when it’s shared on Facebook/Twitter.
  • Rich Snippets: a $12 plugin that includes the same snippets mentioned in the plugin above, but also allows you to custom generate custom snippets of your choosing.

If your website isn’t on WordPress, don’t fret. You can still implement the snippets, but it might be a bit trickier and more time consuming. Talk to your web developer to see what they can do, and enjoy the wonderful new world where you control your search listings and they give you the best chance to earn new business!

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