Announcing WordPress for Photographers

wordpress for photographersIn our ongoing quest to make running your photography business easier, H&H Color Lab is releasing a new initiative today to help make sure photographers stay current with their websites. Using our video tutorials, you should be able to have a professional WordPress website ready to show the public in less than an hour!

Why WordPress?

WordPress is a layman’s dream; it’s easy to install, configure and use for all your website needs. You can create static pages, blog posts, upload images and create contact forms without needing to know anything about the HTML code the web is built upon.

Free Themes Developed for Photographers

H&H has created four unique (and free!) WordPress themes developed specifically with photographers in mind. The themes are minimalist and geared toward displaying a portfolio, letting your photography shine. Each theme is extremely simple to install and use, and did we mention free?

portfolio wordpress themes for photographers

Along with these free portfolio themes, we have put together a series of short videos that will walk you through the entire process, from registering a domain name all the way through adding a gallery of photos from your latest shoot.

WordPress for Photographers Tutorial 1 – Signing Up For Web Hosting

The process seems intimidating at first, but with no special knowledge you can sign up for website hosting and install a great web content management system like WordPress in under ten minutes. Our video tutorial is specially made to walk photographers through the process of setting up hosting with a reliable hosting service and using their offerings to install a website in just a few clicks. On top of that, the video shows how to install WordPress in just a couple clicks. Zero coding required!

WordPress for Photographers Tutorial 2 – Installing and Configuring WordPress Themes

Now that you have a WordPress site installed, learn how to quickly configure it to match your existing brand. This video shows how to install the free themes mentioned above, and how to customize the design using our super-simple point-and-click interface.

WordPress for Photographers Tutorial 3 – Adding Content, Galleries and More!

So now you have this beautiful site to win customers over with your portfolio. How do you add pages, blog posts and other content? Watch our third WordPress tutorial to find out! WordPress makes adding “About Us” and “Contact Us” pages to your site a breeze. You’ll also learn how to start a blog and configure your site’s sidebar to add contact information, blogrolls, archive links and much more.

We have many more WordPress resources coming up in the near future as well! We will be adding new, free themes every month or so and more tutorial videos on using plugins to extend your WordPress site even further. WordPress is such a great platform to use because of its ease and almost limitless customization. Keep an eye out for new, photography-specific WordPress themes and plugins from H&H in the future!

Websites for Photographers

Check all of our WordPress tutorials for photographers in the INSPIRE section of our website, and let us know in the comments if you have any suggestions.

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