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Motion Images – We Have a Winner!

There was another great response to our photo contest this month!  We asked you to capture motion, and you didn’t disappoint.  Here are the submissions to our motion photo contest: image by Laurel Riffey And now, I’d like to announce the winning image! Congratulations, David!  Send an email to me at to claim your free garden flag prize! ...Read more »

Labor Day Photo Contest – We Have a Winner!

Our Labor Day photo contest has ended.  Only three entries, this time, since everyone is busy wrapping up the summer and getting the “back to school” mind set.  Here are the entries: Great shot of a peace officer at work. Wow.  I’m not sure how hard THIS guy is working! Now our peace officer is ...Read more »

Sports Action Photo Contest – We Have a Winner!

Wow!  We had a great response to our contest, so let’s take a look at all of your awesome sports action photos: There are a lot of AWESOME images here, showing sports action photos!  The judging was tough for our employees, but they have decided upon a winner. The winner of our Sports Action Photo ...Read more »

Our Professional Photo Lab’s Faces Photography Contest Winner!

First, our photo lab will share all of the images with you, since we all had such a great time looking over them.  There were no logos on the images during voting.  Here they are, in no particular order: Gil Brady: Karen Mullen: Shawn Zinke: Nicole Cline: Sophie Lane: Janette Smith: Shawn Zinke: Sophie Lane: Janette Smith: ...Read more »

Our Photo Lab’s Self-Portrait Photography Contest Entries and Winner!

Our photo lab had a good time seeing everyone’s self portrait;  even those that we couldn’t recognize!  There was a wide variety of takes on this theme, and that made it even more fun.  Now, let’s get to the entries: See what I mean?  It made for some tough voting!  However, we DO have a ...Read more »

Our Professional Photo Lab’s Shallow Depth of Focus Photography Contest Winner!

Our photo lab had a real hard time judging this one, but we’ve finally chosen a winner.  We had some great entries, and we appreciate the submissions.  Let’s get started by showing some cool photos: Photo by Cherrie Cornish Photo by Donna Carter Photo by Donna Carter Photo by Donna Carter Photo by Heather Dillon ...Read more »
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