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Photoshop Tips: Using Custom Shapes to Add Studio Logos

Here is a series of movies that I did that show how to take your logo and create a custom shape from that logo. Then how to use the custom shape with layer styles to apply the logo to your images. Then automating that with an action. ...Read more »

Add some old friends to Photoshop CS5

Adobe Photoshop CS5 shipped without some old faithful scripts that many photographers used on a daily basis. Some of them were replaced with newer features in Adobe Bridge. A good example is the contact sheet script. To create a contact sheet with Adobe Photoshop CS5, you go into Adobe Bridge and choose to output to ...Read more »

Back Up Your Photography Projects!

It’s that magical time of year.  The shine on the floors and the smell of chalk.  It’s lunch boxes and backpacks and new shoes.  It is also time for SCHOOL PICTURE DAY!  Many of you are already shooting schools, and others are preparing to shoot. Today we’re talking about backing up your eZEvent projects.  Everyone ...Read more »
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