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Photography Training Tuesday – Lighting Ratios and Marketing Images

Professional Photography Training
In today’s Training Tuesday blog, we are going to talk about the following: Learn an easy way to create marketing images of H&H products. Tim Meyer on Lighting ratios   Creating Marketing Images for Photography Products It is important to show your work and show what products you are selling.  Here is a short video ...Read more »

Photography Training Tuesday – 30 Bit Color Management and Photoshop Channel Mixer Tutorial

Photoshop Channel Mixer
  Today’s Training Opportunity Today’s articles were provided by our digital guy-Bentley Skeie and our new customer service rep Chris Bendet!  Thanks guys for sharing this with us today!   1. What is 30 bit photography workflow?  Nasim Mansurov simply explains the advantages, the disadvantages and the future of this color management workflow.     2.  ...Read more »

Inch Your Way out of a Tight Spot with Photoshop

In this video blog post, we will show you several tips and tricks for using the Adobe Photoshop rulers in your images. The fast way to find the center of your image. Showing the rule of thirds. How to actionize your rulers. ...Read more »

Photoshop Tips for Photographers: Auto Align Layers

In this video we will explore using the Auto Align Layers option in Adobe Photoshop. We can use this feature to easily remove objects in an image as well as do head / body swaps in portraiture. ...Read more »

Focus Newsletter – September 2011

Follow H&H Color Lab! Contact H&H Color Lab: 8906 E 67thRaytown, Missouri 64133 800-821-1305 In This Issue Card Sample Options Package Inserts September Specials Web Wednesdays On The Road ...Read more »

Free Designer Card Photoshop Templates for Photographers

I am not good at creating all those beautiful press products that I see some photographers create. I usually buy templates, or pay for design work to create my own products for holidays, high school seniors and other specialty lines that I offer. I just don’t have the time, nor take the time to learn ...Read more »
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