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Training Tuesday – Lighting and Lens Focal Length, Holiday Cards

Professional Photography Training
In today’s Training Tuesday blog, we are going to talk about the following:   Christmas and Holiday Cards –a complete resource guide Lighting Tutorial: How Lens Focal Length Shapes the Face & Controls Perspective:   Urgent—only 14 Fridays until Christmas!  So it is time for you to be talking about, showing and selling holiday and ...Read more »

Photography Products That Enhance Your Work: Holiday Photo Cards

I can’t help but notice all the photo card advertisements in the magazines, on television, in the stores – everywhere!  When I first noticed the number of ads targeting the consumer market to create their own cards I was a little depressed, but I processed what I was seeing and reviewed my own card sale ...Read more »

Differentiate your Photography Product Offerings with QR Codes

Whether you’ve been a photographer for a short time or almost forever, you’re going to have days when you can’t think of what else you could do to set your business or products apart from the rest. Your products are just like all others…you feel like just another fish in the pond! Have you noticed ...Read more »

Free Designer Card Photoshop Templates for Photographers

I am not good at creating all those beautiful press products that I see some photographers create. I usually buy templates, or pay for design work to create my own products for holidays, high school seniors and other specialty lines that I offer. I just don’t have the time, nor take the time to learn ...Read more »

Focus Newsletter – August 2011

Follow Our Photo Lab! Contact H&H Color Lab: 8906 E 67thRaytown, Missouri 64133 800-821-1305 In This Issue Prepay Flyer Changes New Press Products Template Pricing Change August Specials Web Wednesdays HH Image Host News On The Road Announcing BIG Changes in our Press Printed Cards! We are redefining our press cards with new papers, new ...Read more »

Focus Newsletter – May 2011

Follow Us! Contact Us: 8906 E 67th Raytown, Missouri 64133 800-821-1305 In This Issue New Products May Specials Price Reductions Web Wednesdays Summer Class Schedule Recycling Efforts Rewarded ...Read more »
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