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Photography Products That Enhance Your Work: Holiday Photo Cards

I can’t help but notice all the photo card advertisements in the magazines, on television, in the stores – everywhere!  When I first noticed the number of ads targeting the consumer market to create their own cards I was a little depressed, but I processed what I was seeing and reviewed my own card sale ...Read more »

Differentiate your Photography Product Offerings with QR Codes

Whether you’ve been a photographer for a short time or almost forever, you’re going to have days when you can’t think of what else you could do to set your business or products apart from the rest. Your products are just like all others…you feel like just another fish in the pond! Have you noticed ...Read more »

Press Printed Cards – New Papers, New Processes…

Have you noticed that holiday cards have become a point of competition for professional photographers’ clients – they love to “one up” each other with their holiday cards!  When their friends receive a card and they ask “where did you get this created?” – I want to be a part of that competition!! Holiday Cards ...Read more »

Focus Newsletter – September 2010

Follow Us! Contact Us: 8906 E 67th Raytown, Missouri 64133 800-821-1305 In This Issue New Customer Service Additions Holiday Ideas September Specials WPPI Road Trip Web Wednesdays Where We’ll Be THREE NEW CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVES JOIN OUR TEAM! We are excited to tell you about three new customer service representatives that have joined our team here ...Read more »

Photography Marketing Tips with Teri

Today our photo lab’s turns the blog over to Teri Ritter for marketing tips: Are you ready for the holidays? What?? – you ask – that’s months away. Think again. The time to sell the holidays starts now! Your clients who are getting their portraits done now are buying for the holidays…Are you ready? What does ...Read more »
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