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Facebook Advertising for Photographers – Setting Up Your Campaign

Facebook ads for professional photographers
Check out this video from Georgia McCabe about using Facebook Advertising to help grow your photography business! Direct Link to Video   Video Transcript Hi everyone this is Georgia McCabe and today’s blog post is about Facebook advertising for photographers, and this is Part Two of the Facebook Advertising blog series. And I’m going to ...Read more »

How to Use Facebook Advertising to Boost Your Photography Business

Facebook advertising is becoming much more critical to your success as a photographer.  Did you know that there are over a billion people using Facebook, and Facebook lets you put up ads to reach just about any group of people you can imagine depending on what goals you are trying to achieve. You can reach ...Read more »

How to Build A Loyal Fan Base on Facebook

facebook tips for photographers
If your goal is to increase sales for your business with social media, you need to develop a loyal fan base that will begin to regard you/your brand as a leading authority and best-of-breed in your marketplace. Having strategic and authentic interaction with your fans is the key to your success. Creating an editorial calendar ...Read more »

Facebook Scheduling Feature for Pages

How to Schedule Posts within Facebook Video Transcript ...Read more »

How to use Social Media to Find New Clients

Learn more about how photographers can harness Google+, Facebook and Twitter to bring in more new customers: Using Social Media to Find New Clients Video Transcript ...Read more »

Get Ready for Facebook Timelines

  How to Use Facebook Timelines – Video Transcript Hi everybody, this is Georgia McCabe, and this month’s video blog post is all about Facebook Timeline for brands. This will be short, covering the key things that you’ll need to address before March 30th, because all your fan pages are going to automatically be converted ...Read more »
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