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School and Sports Photography Online Sales (Part 2)

Be sure to check out part 1 of this post from earlier this week, where we introduced school and sports photography online sales systems. Online Prepay If you are selling your school or sports photography using a prepay or proof plan flyer, consider selling your packages using online prepay.  When you add an option to your sales ...Read more »

More Support For eZevent Users

School and sports photographers that use eZevent and specifically the eZmatch features within eZevent now have additional support from H&H to help their business grow. Photographers using the scanning system in eZevent use a scanner for each camera at a shoot to scan subject and package ordering data for importing with images into eZevent for ...Read more »

Top 5 Things School Portrait Photographers Should Be Doing in August

Ron Fleckal brings us an update on what the school portrait photographer should be doing now to prepare for the upcoming school year.  This would also be a good time to review his tips from July.  Here are the things that should be completed in August: 1. Practice, practice, practice. Rehearse all upcoming shoots using ...Read more »

Professional Photo Printing: Online Tutorial on Preparing for School Composites with eZEvent

If you’re a school photographer, you’ve delivered your school day picture packages.  You’ve probably placed orders for several service items and the necessary administrative CDs.  Things seem to be wrapping up, except for one thing: The composite. Jeff will be teaching a web class this Wednesday at 10:30 am CST.  He will go over preparing ...Read more »

Custom Photo Printing: Window Clings for School, Sports and Events

How many times have your been driving down the road and looked at the SUV in front of you to see the “John 2009, #54” decal on the back window.  Have you wondered why you, the professional studio, could not offer these since you already took the sports pictures and had the name, jersey # ...Read more »

Our Photo Lab’s September Online Photography Classes

Do you take advantage of our FREE online photography classes?  We have several coming up in September and would love for you to join us. September 04 – Bentley will be exploring the new features of eZSuite II. September 09 – Dave and Bentley will be showcasing H&H’s Hosted E-Commerce. September 14 – Jeff will discuss Sports ...Read more »
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