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How to Batch Crop and Resize Images Quickly and Easily

Our featured video for March was titled Using Adobe Bridge to Batch Resize Images. This is a new video that complements a prior video Batch Resizing using Adobe Bridge. What’s the difference you might ask? Can’t I just use one video for everything? Well, here are the answers you’ve been looking for. When we are ...Read more »

8 Simple Steps towards better photos – part II

Eight simple steps toward making your images more visually interesting is a series of tips by Barb Gordon.  To see her bio and the first two tips, click here.  Today, Barb will cover the next two tips: Tip #3 Cropping Go ahead and cut through the top of a head or hat on someone’s head ...Read more »

Photo Processing: Crop and Straighten Photos with Photoshop

Here is a quick video tip from our photo lab on Adobe Photoshop. Enjoy! Now that your photos are just the right size, send them to our professional photo lab for printing! ...Read more »
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