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Custom Professional Printing: Holiday Photo Card Reminders

The holiday card orders are pouring in to our photo lab, making this a great time for a few reminders and things to consider when ordering cards. To get photographic prints of your design, make sure you order the product with “card” in the name. If you just order 5×7 prints, for example, you will not get ...Read more »

Greeting Photo Card Help via our Photo Lab’s Online Training Classes

While our photo lab’s new greeting photo card templates have been very well received, there are many who want to use them, but need some additional help.  One of the most common questions involves getting an image into one of the image nodes in Photoshop. Bentley has added a Quick Tip video to our photo lab’s YouTube ...Read more »

Free Digital Photo Print Card Templates Available

It is always good if you can offer something to your client that they cannot get from the store on the corner.  Holiday cards offer one way for you to stand out, and our photo lab is making it easier! With all of the holiday card options that we have available, it can be both ...Read more »

Photography Marketing Tips with Teri

Today our photo lab’s turns the blog over to Teri Ritter for marketing tips: Are you ready for the holidays? What?? – you ask – that’s months away. Think again. The time to sell the holidays starts now! Your clients who are getting their portraits done now are buying for the holidays…Are you ready? What does ...Read more »

Professional Photo Lab Department Spotlight – Black Tie Press

Our Black Tie Press department is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing areas of the photo lab.  It is growing in both the volume of orders moving through, as well as expanding in size here at H&H.  A large variety of products are produced within this area of our photography lab, from coffee table books ...Read more »
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