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Five Fab Add-ons for Photoshop

Mary Walton has been kind enough to give us another guest blog post! ┬áMary is the owner of Photography 818 near Joplin, Missouri. She specializes in senior portraits, weddings and sporting events. Mary is married with a teenager and a tweenager; she’s a rabid scrapbooker and knitter. You can find her at, or ...Read more »

Photo Processing Using Adobe Image Processor for Image Batch Resizing

H&H’s Professional Photo Lab shows you how to use Adobe Bridge and Adobe Image Processor to quickly and automatically resize and optionally watermark a single file or an entire group of print quality image files for web applications. Learn more about professional photo processing from our photo lab today! ...Read more »

Photo Processing: Applying Logos and Watermarks in Photoshop Parts 1 & 2

Here at the photo lab, I continually get questions regarding applying logos and watermarks in Photoshop and it is a lot easier than you might think! I put together this easy 4 part tutorial on getting that real professional look without a lot of hassles or technospeak. Parts 1 & 2 take you through creating ...Read more »
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