The 2014 H&H Color Lab Sports Club

sports photography club

We are excited to announce the 2014 Sports Club. This year was our 1st year for the Sports Club & we found it to be very successful. We look forward to another year of helping Sports Photographers grow their business. H&H works diligently to have a well-rounded total sports photography program to help photographers be successful.

The H&H Sports Club is designed to encourage photographers to take advantage of ALL aspects of H&H’s sports program AND to give discounts on products and services. From what we see, this sports club can help photographers form their own program which can ultimately help their bottom line. That, of course, is the line that we all pay attention to!

Here are a few great reasons to join the H&H Sports Club:

  1. The chance to network with other sports photographers
  2. The opportunity for free education
  3. The overall product selection at H&H and the chance to get discounted samples
  4. The special discounts on prepay flyers – this alone is more than enough reason to join (For example – just order 4,000 prepay flyers and you save $288!)
  5. The 12 month FREE subscription to hhimagehost (the entire 2014 year) – a savings of $420

These are just some of the savings and great benefits of joining the H&H Sports Club. Find out all of the details and sign up today!

By Emily Buck, H&H Sports Club Coordinator

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