Sports Photography: eZsports for Team and Individual Sports

Sports photography has been an important part of H&H’s professional photo lab business for many years. As we continued to build H&H’s Sports Program, we listened to our customers and we looked at the software that was available for team and individual sports photography. Most software is written for another type of photography first, then sports photography features and products are added on. We felt there was an opportunity to write software specifically for team and individual sports.

Our photo lab can print photos like this one from the Action Sports boot camp

eZsports is written from the beginning with team and individual sports as its focus to help independent photographers and studios increase organization and speed with sports photography. When we set out to design the software, we looked at it like we look at a new production process by outlining the steps

1. Define the packages to be sold

2. Import & Backup Images from camera

3. Edit images & Organize images into teams

4. Enter needed information about teams and players

5. Crop images in products

6. Print the job

Next, we looked at each step and looked at existing software to find which ones were the best for doing that step. For “organize” we looked at Compupic, Bridge, and LabPrints, for example. Then we refined how these steps would work to make them as simple and fast as possible. What resulted is eZsports – a Mac and PC compatible application written on the foundation of H&H’s eZsuite but written specifically for team and individual sports.

this is what eZsports can do

While you check out Jeff’s videos on eZsports, the benefits to keep in mind are:

· Hundreds of sports specialty products to offer your customers

· Thousands of graphics- and studio-based templates

· Visual organization of teams

· Team and player data need only be entered once to personalize many products

· Cropped images on the products

· Customized graphics for each league or team using studio background templates

· Seamless upgrades and workflow through auto update and integrated upload

· Simple and fast to move from downloading your CF card to submitting your order for printing

Our goal was to help you grow your sports business by eliminating the hesitation of after-photography work. And remember that at H&H Color Lab, we provide both the specialized software for you to set up your own photography orders, or the ability for you to send it to H&H for us to enter for you!

Because we’ve been involved in sports photography for many years, our photography lab did our best to leverage that experience and strength to fill this need. We also appreciate our relationship with you and look forward to your collaboration on this to continue to improve!

For more information check out eZsports videos, download eZsports today!

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