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sports photography classesIn the past seven to ten years shooting teams and individuals of all sports from little leagues to school sports has evolved into a big business. Studios that never thought about shooting this type of photography were getting calls about doing this type of work. The increased revenue and the flexibility of working this type of photography into their schedule was making this a road that many were looking at. Newly formed sports photography organizations were beginning to pop up with the intent of offering education focused on training the pro photographer on how to get started in this developing field. Professional photo labs were also beginning to develop a sports program as a part of their daily work flow. This would include marketing materials, sports templates, sports specific software and sports specialty items (key chains, statuettes, magnets, bag tags) that would all help their customer be competitive in this growing market. The many sports little leagues and schools with their sports teams were beginning to realize a strong position that they had with many new photographers knocking on the door for their business and they were able to turn that into a situation where they could receive many benefits from the photographer that would get their contract.

With this in mind H&H Color Lab has been working daily for about the last four years  to reach a level that has them recognized in the industry as having one  of the top sports photography divisions in the country.

In keeping with this tradition they also offer a three day sports boot camp that is designed to instruct the sports photographer in the how to’s and keep  them up to date with the ever changing trends in the industry. This year’s Sports Boot Camp is July 18, 19 and 20th at H&H Color Lab in Kansas City.  Nationally known guest speakers John Pittman and Frank Harrison will share their many years of experience and success along with H&H’S own sports guy Jim Seers who also shares his 31 years of experience. Not only will you receive classroom presentations on key sports photography topics in the classroom but also hands on real experience on the field. BRING YOUR CAMERA. Click on the link for further detail and to sign up. Registration is still open.

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