Increase Your Sales with School and Sports Photography

There has been a lot of discussion over the last three years about the changes in the studio photography business.  Overall there are three types of photography businesses that are thriving.  Two-generation businesses, new and hot boutique studios, and businesses who are diversified across portrait, wedding, commercial, sports, wedding and event photography.

The third category of thriving photography businesses – those who sell photography across a wide range of categories – I believe is the largest growth opportunity for established studios.  Many H&H customers are already doing portrait-wedding work.  Adding sports and school photography leverages the strengths of an established studio business.  Redundant equipment, staffing, relationships with other photographers who can act as backup staff, existing business relationships, professional reputation and credibility, computer infrastructure, workflow understanding, and excellent photography skills are just a start to the assets an existing studio business has to compete against the “big boys” effectively and to grow.

To that end, H&H has aggressively invested in school and sports photography training over the last 8 years.  While we’ve had school and sports business for years, the need and the opportunity to participate in this part of the photography business has grown recently.  There is nothing the “big boys” can do in school and sports photography that you cannot provide to your customers when you work with H&H.  Many photographers think they have to learn complicated systems in order to get into this business.  While there is training, work and practice involved, H&H can help you get there.  You already have the most important element needed to enter this part of the business – relationships in your home town.

This summer, H&H will have two boot camps that are intended to train and empower you, our professional photography customers, to grow and diversify your business using school and sports photography.

Beginning School Boot Camp      June 14-15

Day 1  eZevent Workflow- in depth training on how to set up, photograph, import, data match, and order a school shoot

Day 2 Prospecting and Presenting to Schools- Learn how to prepare to sell school accounts successfully

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Advanced School Boot Camp      June 16-17

Day 1     discussions on the following topics:  On-line sales, flyers, proof plans and package configuration, advanced workflow techniques

Day 2     discussions on green screen and on hiring and compensation

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Sports Boot Camp           July 19-21

This boot camp is a very hands-on intensive way for photographers to sharpen their skills in the sports business.

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I can tell you that school and sports photography is a growing market at H&H.   We believe this is a combination of the fact that photographers are recognizing there is very good business available in this field and the fact that H&H has invested heavily in this part of the business to empower photographers to realize this potential.

I hope you will, if you have not already, look at your business and seriously consider adding at least some sports and school photography to your offering.  We think you are uniquely positioned to add sports and school photography and you have the right partner in H&H to do so.

Sign up today for our three day school boot camp in June and sports boot camp in July.

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