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Announcing the Speakers for H&H’s Sports Boot Camp 2014!

We are excited about the group of sports speakers we have this year at our Sports Boot Camp.  Each speaker brings a unique insight into the sports photography market.  Each is a successful sports photographer who will share their experience and knowledge with you in a hands-on, comfortable atmosphere.


Leigh LaForest        JL Photo          Davidson, MI


Leigh’s specializes in large youth sports leagues.  Her bread and butter business is government bids like parks and rec sports leagues.  She knows how to run a successful picture day – from getting the business to managing a large sports shoot.   If you haven’t heard Leigh speak before, don’t miss her passionate presentation at H&H’s Sports Boot Camp.


John and Cindy LaBarge   JC Imaging    Manhattan, KS


John and Cindy LaBarge got into sports photography from a different angle.  They ran a successful studio for many years before deciding to expand into sports photography.  John and Cindy take their studio experience to the field, incorporating solid lighting and creative design into their sports images.  John will demonstrate good lighting techniques on and off the field.  He will take us through his multi-pose product process, photographing models on the field and then demonstrating the studio work back in our classroom.  He will teach us how you can quickly make amazing multi-posed posters that kids and parents love!


Floyd Prater            Prater Studios         Marshall, MI


Floyd Prater brings still another angle to sports photography – the lucrative aspect of being the sports photographer in schools. Floyd will share how school sports helped grow his school photography business. He also will share important business aspects of sports photography—flyer and package analysis and hiring and training.  With twenty seven years in the business, Floyd’s is gracious enough to share his wisdom with us all.


Three sports photographers coming to H&H from three different sports backgrounds—don’t miss H&H’s 2014 Sports Boot Camp—we can help you get in the game!






How boot camp has worked in the past

Open, team teaching.  Will have one person lead the discussion, but very open to others speaking up and giving their twist on how to do a certain topic

Leigh will lead:

Picture Day Set Up

How to get Leagues


John and Cindy:

Lighting—indoor and outdoor

Posed action

Multi posed products

Talk about why added sports to studio business and what it has done for you



School Sports—how to get it

Business Analysis/ Package configuration

Hiring and training employees

How school sports helped you get into the school business


Other topics to assign:

Team pictures

Individual posing

H&H Color Lab

Popular Topics