From Portraits to Sports

A primer on how to find leagues and build rapport

By Leigh LaForest, Owner of JL Photo


Sports photography marketing

Having the opportunity to add youth sports photography to your company’s profile can be a lucrative
endeavor for your studio.

Since there are just so many children who are involved in youth sports organizations, most likely you are already photographing some of them with your portrait business.  Here are some ways to find youth sport leagues within your community.

Reach out to your current clients, your friends, or your family members and ask them if their children or children they know, are involved in a youth sports program.  Asking a few simple questions could point you in the right direction.  Questions like: What league does your child belong to?  Where do they play? Would you happen to know a contact name?

Getting involved in your local community service organization (Rotary, Kiwanis, and Chamber of Commerce) can also help in to get your foot in the door. Membership in these organizations can assist you in building credibility with your fellow community members and it will also help you connect on a more personal level as well. Often times, those that are involved in a community service organization are also involved in a youth sports program either as a volunteer, coach, or a parent of a child on a team.  Making these connections is very important.

Reading your local newspaper can also be a great way to get leads for registration times, new leagues forming in your areas, and often times, league contact information is listed.


Sports photography and marketing

Once you find the leagues, here are some good ways to begin building a rapport with them.

Sponsoring a local youth team is another good way to build rapport in your community and to get your name out there.

Social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and even Twitter have proven to be successful
alternatives to standard emails
or league website contact pages. These sites provide more instantaneous responses along with the most correct/current contact information. Additionally, other important information is also listed on these sites such as registration nights, board meetings, or even field clean up dates.  So if you want to meet board members/decision makers in person, dropping by during one of these events to introduce yourself could be beneficial to you.

The addition of youth sports photography can be a nice bonus to your existing portrait business. You end up getting more exposure in your area due to the sheer volume of children you can photograph and your families get really awesome professional quality portrait sports photos. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

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