Using Pinterest to Grow Your Wedding Photography Business

pinterest marketing tips for wedding photographers

Planning a wedding is a daunting process! There are so many logistics to manage. So many vendors. So many decisions. In fact, the average bride spends 250 hours planning her wedding. What if your photography can help brides plan their big day, capturing leads before they’re ready to select their wedding photographer?

Below we outline a creative way to use Pinterest that targets couples not necessarily looking for your service at the very moment, but who will be in the very near future. Before a couple even begins looking for a photographer, you can provide them with a useful resource to help them plan their big day, and hopefully kickstart a fruitful relationship for your studio.

Create “Wedding Venue” Pinboards for your Area

You may be asking right now, “what good will creating this Pinboard related to local wedding venues do for me, as a photographer?” Actually, quite a bit. Google trusts as a high-quality content provider and tends to rank Pinterest pages highly in search results for some very attractive terms.

See that Pinboard at the top of the post? It was started by a man who professionally presides over weddings in Michigan. It ranks near the top of the first page on Google for the search query “Wedding Venues in Michigan”, which is searched roughly 2000 times per month, and the query “Michigan Wedding Venues”, which is searched roughly 1000 times per month. And that’s but a small droplet in a huge ocean of search queries based around weddings in Michigan! He’s not affiliated with the venues, but provides a complimentary service and knows providing an amazing resource can be a big help in converting future customers.

The same concept holds true throughout the country (and world). Las Vegas, France (that board below ranks well for the search “wedding venues in France”), Portland, London, New Hampshire – you name it, people are going to be searching for wedding venues in that region. It’s not just the large cities that see search action either. Even if you’re in a smaller city or a suburb (like Overland Park, KS or Naperville, IL; for instance), you can still see a few hundred searches per month for those terms.

pinterest wedding venue pinboards

How to Optimize Your Wedding Venue Pinboard

Optimizing a Pinboard is pretty simple from a keyword perspective. Name the board the exact search query you are working to target and naturally include the keyword in the description a time or two. When creating your Pinboard, we recommend giving it one of two titles (where LOCATION is replaced by the specific geographical location you’re targeting):

  • LOCATION Wedding Venues
  • Wedding Venues in LOCATION

Consider creating different boards for major cities where you’d like more work, and for your state. The average bride is willing to drive 1-2 hours for the perfect venue. And if you’ve always wanted to shoot a wedding in Prague, maybe create a Pinboard for that and hope the bride is willing to fly you out for the event!

Now, just make the Pinboard great so people will want to follow you and share your Pins! As always, make sure you’re providing a Pinboard that is genuinely useful. The more work you put into it, the more people will want to use it and share it. Simply creating content isn’t enough; you have to create great content to set yourself apart from the crowd.

Don’t just optimize the board for the search engines. Make sure the visitor knows that the board belongs to your studio. Include text about calling your studio for more information about the venues (and your photography services), and try to steer people to interact with you.

Best of all, spend some time with each venue and shoot your own photos – don’t just rely on photos you find on their website. By adding your own photography, you can demonstrate your style and expertise.

Expand to Other Wedding-Related Topics

Venues are an obvious choice for optimized Pinboards, but you can expand the idea from there. Consider “Los Angeles Wedding Cake Bakeries”: find 10 bakeries that make outstanding wedding cakes. Offer to photograph them and feature them on Pinterest and on your website, and give them the images if they’ll give you credit for the photos. Many bakeries make beautiful cake, but have terrible photography. Shoot some photos for them and get your name in front of brides who are picking out their cakes!


Soon enough, you could become the go-to resource for wedding planners in your area, and start referring droves of people to local venues. Chances are they’re going to want to refer business back your way to show their appreciation!

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