Top 5 Things School Photographers Should Be Doing in June

What should school photographers be doing  in June?  Here is a list of things to be doing, even though school is out, brough to us by Ron Fleckal. 

  1. Clean up your old eZevent projects, deleting all orders and order zip files; do a final high res backup and archive to CD/DVD; then, make sure you computer system is adequate for handling this Fall’s school projects
  2. Review sales from previous years packages and based on these statistics, improve your packages and product offerings for this Fall’s school picture program.
  3. Using your new packages, begin designing your prepay flyer for printing during July ( don’t forget….H&H offers great design service for very reasonable rates! )
  4. Begin scheduling your school shoots blocking out picture days for all schools; don’t forget to include adequate post shoot production time to keep your service items and package orders on track.
  5. Distribute to your schools any pre-pay literature that can be mailed to the student’s home with student information packages paid for and sent by the school.
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