“The Connection” Newsletter – August 2016


Image by William Innes

Image by William Innes

August 2016 We have a hot sale this month in the form of framed prints! Take some time to offer your clients a special discount this month, utilizing photo sessions that have already been completed or set up a special promotion based on the sale. This keeps you top of mind for photography services as well as passing on the savings to loyal customers.

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25% off Framed Prints

Choose from many bold, colorful, contemporary frames, or shabby chic rustic frames – as well as our numerous classic choices. Order your prints with frame – it comes completely finished…print, mount, frame, back paper, and hanger. All you have to do is hand it to your customer! Frames are available in a range of sizes from 5×10 up to 24×30!

Additional August Specials

  • 30% off Curved and Designer Metals
  • Wallet Special
  • 50% off Proof Magazines
  • 30% off Soft Cover Press Books
  • Collages Special – One year Digital Brag Book Plan for only $99

Click here for more details.

Upcoming Specials 2016


  • 25% off All Metal Prints (Sept. 1-17)
  • Torn Edge Prints
  • Slim Wraps
  • Sample Kit Special (more info to come)

  • Cards
  • Leather Wrap Albums

  • Canvas Gallery Wraps
  • Jewelry


Improvements to our genuine leather albums!

Great News! On July 1, our genuine leather 3-piece album cover was upgraded to a one-piece construction. That means our genuine leather covers are constructed with the same clean, contemporary one-piece look as our premium leather covers.

With this change, we are modifying the current color selections. The genuine leather color choices offered will be the most popular and frequently ordered colors of black and brown.

We have beautiful color selections in our faux and premium leather lines in the event you need red, tan, white, blue or pink. Be sure to give customer service a call if you have questions about selecting from one of these cover material lines.

We are very excited that you can now offer your clients the upgraded look of one-piece construction in economical genuine leather.

hhstudio Update

Look for a new hhstudio release around August 15th. This release will require a fresh install from our website and replace the existing version as soon as you finish the install. This version will include various upgrades and will deploy the version of Java that hhstudio requires. You may also notice slightly larger buttons as well as a sharper look and feel. Please look for the upgrade and install as soon as possible to receive the added benefits.

Schools and Sports

School and Sports Resources

Schools Calendar

Sports Calendar

Classes/Events Calendar


Introducing Image Level Knockout!


H&H has been working hard and we are excited to release the newest feature to our knockout service–image level knockout!

Image Level Knockout allows you to select which images you want to knockout and which images you do not want to knockout all within a single hhschools project.

This means, as an example, you can now include individual images shot on green screen that need to be knocked out along with classroom groups that are not shot on green screen, in the same order. With this new feature, the images can now be combined together into one project and be placed on a memory mate or in a single package.

With our new Image Level Knockout feature, you will save time and money by working in one project instead of creating two separate projects and placing two separate orders!

Upgrade to the latest version of hhschools today!

To watch our tutorial on how to use this new feature, click here.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR STUDIOS USING A NETWORK ENVIRONMENT: For those studios that use hhschools in a network environment meaning multiple workstations sharing the projects on a network, be sure to upgrade all versions of hhshools to the newest version, before opening any of the networked projects. This will help workflow run correctly and smoothly.

Pricing Adjustments

New pricing decrease!

H&H has been investing in background knockout technology for a number of years now and we’ve been getting great feedback on H&H’s green screen knockout quality and turn around time. We’ve also been working on improving the knockout engine and the tools that help our team members review and repair the images as needed to improve the productivity of the system.

Because of these changes, we are pleased to be able to provide a PRICE DECREASE on our service for “Head & Shoulders to ¾ length knockout” Green screen KO, unlimited background replacement, and PNG download from $0.59 to $0.37 per image.

This new price took effect on July 1st.

If you are considering photographing green screen, please remember that you must pre-qualify with H&H and this process takes approximately 3 weeks, so plan on doing your testing in July! Click here for more details or call customer service.

Background Knockout, unlimited background replacement and available PNG download

Image Type


Head & Shoulders to ¾ Length Knockout
Full Length/Dance/Cap & Gown
Green Clothing/Uniform/Prop Knockout
Group (3+ Subjects) Knockout
Knockout Cleanup (Per Minute)

Small pricing increase

Pricing for Clear Bag packaging has been adjusted as follows:

$0.25 per envelope
$0.54 per envelope

New mobile prepay for schools, sports & event

Click here to see hhimagehost Prepay V2, our responsive design for mobile, table, and desktop.


Need ideas for Fall schools & sports products?

Click here to check out some of the latest products from H&H.



We pride ourselves in providing our customers not only with excellent products, but with great educational resources as well. Our blog features articles about equipment, lighting, advice from other professionals and all kinds of great photography tips. This is just one of the many ways that we provide our customers with the tools they need to succeed as professional photographers.


Q&A with Collages team!



A: Collages gives you access to selling galleries, apps, lab products, and imaging services, all in one convenient location. Plus, our experienced and knowledgeable consultants bring it all together for you. With one call, you can connect with a real person ready to help with all of your needs. Gone are the days of calling one vendor for lab products, another for proofing galleries, another for your marketing app, another for post-production, and yet another for albums and album design.

One call, one team, complete service.

Click here for more information about Collages, part of the H&H family of companies; Sign up for your free 30-day trial!

Employee Highlight

Meet Cory Tepfenhart – Order Entry Services


Did you know that H&H offers full service workflow management for our school and sports accounts? Read further to learn about our awesome Order Entry Services team and, Cory Tepfenhart, their team leader.

I had the pleasure to sit down with Cory Tepfenhart, who manages the Order Entry Services team. He is one of H&H Color Lab’s most talented team members and expresses great pride in his team of four employees!

Click here to read the full article

On the Road Again…



Carolina Photo Expo 2016
August 12-16, 2016
Durham, North Carolina
Jeff Gump
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