Solving the Problems of Classroom Composites

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In the world of school photography schools expect their school photographer to provide service items. One of these items is class composites. hhschools has the innovative automated class composite product that quickly, easily and cost effectively helps the photographer create these complex class composites automatically!  It is the only system like it in the world that provides simple, fast and inexpensive class composites.

Schools need their composites to show:

  • School administrators
  • Principals
  • Teachers
  • Students grouped per class
  • Attractive clean design
  • Custom Graphics, backgrounds and titling


hhschools automated composites allows the studio to accomplish all of this through your school project within hhschools software and produce beautiful class composites with no setup or design charges.

Seven unique benefits of hhschools’ new release of automated composites:

  1. Control the sequencing of Administrator, teacher and student images using the hhschools’ ranking feature
  2. hhschools reports allows you to send the school class images and data to proof the information before ordering composites
  3. Custom titling
  4. Custom backgrounds – design your own school-specific backgrounds or us a simple, more universal background across all your schools’ composites
  5. “Not photographed” section allows you to be sure that no student names are missed
  6. No setup or design charges, and the print price is $0.74 for 6×8, and $1.48 for 8×10. – the fastest, most cost effective, highest quality composites available today.
  7. Help and training

Help buttons get you to the automated composites quick start guide and New training videos help studio understand the process and how grouping and ranking works within the software.

Download the most recent version of hhschools, version 1.4.3, for all the newest updates including the revolutionary automated class composites!

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