Showing You Care With Student Safety ID’s

School Photographers take note!

As I was watching the news last night about a child custody case for a small boy, it reminded me of the important role we play as photographers of our precious children.  Even though we take countless photos of our children, only a few are a head and shoulder photograph that has a clear and accurate representation of what the child looks like. 

An accurate, up-to-date image of the child resides on the H&H Child Safety Card that school photographers can add to order inserts.  Every year as we make our annual doctor’s appointment, replace our car insurance card or place new batteries in our smoke detectors, we should encourage replacing an updated child safety card, supplied by YOU, the local independent school photographer.

As you present this important safety card benefit to the school administrators, it is the perfect time to reach to your billfold and pull out the child safety card of your child or grandchild.  What a powerful message you send when you practice this important child safety program yourself.

This program is nothing new – all of the large national and regional school photography companies offer it.  Yet we, as professional photographers, can send the message we care about the children of our schools and we want parents armed with this valuable tool, in case this unfortunate incident ever occurs to them.

Printing school photo ids

You can provide this for free.  For a small investment, you have the opportunity to offer a second sale opportunity to the entire school and to show that you and the school care about the safety of our children.  Think of this:

250 children X $ .20 package insert = $50.00 investment

Combine this safety card with the “IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO ORDER” option through online sales using hhimagehost.  The top of the safety card allows the studio to talk about how to buy online. So in addition to providing a great service and promoting child safety, your $50.00 investment could also result in more revenues!

Print school photo IDs

This concept is a WIN WIN for the children, the parents, the school, and you the school photographer.  Remember to talk about this important service you offer as you are out there calling on schools this fall!

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Terry Tuggle, H&H Sales and guest blogger

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