School Photographers: ID Cards Will Be Happening Soon!

school photo printing lab also makes school photo ID cards

School registrations have begun across the country. School portraits for ID cards and yearbook use have become part of this process, and delivering quality school photo ID cards prior to a school’s first event or intended usage is crucial to retaining school contracts!

If you are servicing a school this year for the first time and your agreement includes producing ID cards, make sure you know precise answers to these questions:

  1. What is the drop dead delivery date for the ID cards? Everything is predicated on this date and you must have them in the school’s hands by this date or sooner.
  2. What will the card look like? What are the graphic, text, and data elements that comprise its design?  Will this design work with H&H’s Studio Design ID card or will a custom ID card production setup be required?
  3. Will the card contain data in the form of a bar code? Do you know precisely what data will be represented by the BC and what individual or department from within the school will provide you with this data?  When can you get it?
  4. Will you utilize H&H Color Lab’s laminated digital press card or a PVC card?

If you are unfamiliar with ID cards, visit our photo lab’s school photography section or call an H&H Color Lab customer service representative and seek answers soon – before school lets out.

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