School and Sports Photography – Simple & Lucrative…but NOT easy!


The school and sports photography segment of our industry may be simple, but it is far from easy at first.  But once the contracts are signed and the workflow systems are in place, IT IS VERY LUCRATIVE.  Many established studios report that it is THIS business that is keeping their doors open as many traditional areas continue to erode. We continue to hear positive feedback and endorsements from photographers who have built solid, profitable businesses based firmly on school, sports and event work.

H&H Color Lab is committed to providing world class photo products, project management tools, customer service support and training to benefit school, sports and event photographers.  And the best place to start learning about this market is at the H&H University Summer Boot Camps.

Time is running out and reservations are filling fast for both of our annual boot camps. Choose to attend our School Boot Camp on Wednesday, June 20 through Friday, June 22, 2012, or our Sports Boot Camp on Monday, July 16 through Wednesday, July 18, 2012.  You’re welcome to attend both,  if you’d like!   Please note … these opportunities are the ONLY such events to be held at our photo lab during 2012. They always fill up fast,  so don’t be left out this year!


Whether you’re new to the SSE business or just need a refresher class, these intense, hands-on sessions taught by experienced professionals will best prepare you for the opportunities and challenges that await you.  Sessions include the complete product cycle, from learning how to find and sell to schools and leagues to live, hands-on photo shoots. Many attend just to stay current with the newest product, services and workflow solutions offered by H&H and the best practices to make these markets easy to achieve a high level of success.


Early bird special pricing for the School Boot Camp is $150 for three full days.  The regular registration fee will be $210 on June 1, 2012, if classes are not already full.   Sports Boot Camp is just $99 per participant until May 31st.  The regular registration fee will be $150 on June 1, 2012, based on availability at that time.

Additional information and on-line registration

Assistance with travel and accommodations

We look forward to seeing you in class at H&H University Boot Camps this summer!

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