School and Sports Photographers’ Planning Calendars for June

sports photography marketing tipsWe want to help make the lives of school and sports photographers a little easier, so we’ve created two annual planning calendars specifically for school and sports photographers. These timelines help you be proactive – not reactive, in managing your school and sports photography business!

Check it out and download the PDF’s on our resources page under H&H Information/School Calendars and H&H Information/Sports Photography Timeline. These are great resource tools to hang by your desk…. refer to them often to stay ahead of the game!

Here is our list of things “to do” this month:

Sports Photographers:

  1. Big, big summer month for leagues
  2. Finish school commission
    • May be last contract before school offices close
    •  Check on when they will reopen
  3. Finish spring commissions
  4. Deliver:
    • Last of spring sports
    • Early summer jobs
    • Start to deliver fall envelopes
  5. Start working on winter sports new and old

Tip for the Month:

If you have the opportunity to make a presentation to a board of directors or athletic director and you are given the chance to pick being the first presenter or the last, you always want to be last.

School Photographers:

Computer maintenance

Final backup all projects from eZevent and store on external hard drive

Final backup all projects from eZevent and store on external hard drive


Review year with key employees

Decide initial staffing needs for fall


Design & Order prepay envelopes for fall

Prepare for next season

Equipment, data, employees, growth and sales, computer, storage, software, storage

Contact H&H to learn latest products, marketing support, software, and workflows

Organize Fall Underclass Sale

Each school – review what service items they needed last year and outline what is needed this coming fall


If contracts open, get final contract with school before administration leaves


Decide initial fall photography schedule


Yearbook wrap up – follow up


H&H Color Lab

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