School and Sports Photographers’ Planning Calendars for July 2012

school photo marketing 2012We want to help make the lives of school and sports photographers a little easier, so we’ve created two annual planning calendars specifically for school and sports photographers. These timelines help you be proactive – not reactive, in managing your school and sports business!

Check it out and download the PDF’s on our photographers’ resources page, under H&H Information/School Calendars and H&H Information/Sports Photography Timeline.   These are great resource tools to hang by your desk….refer to them often to stay ahead of the game!

Here is our list of things “to do” this month.

Sports Phorographers:

  • Finish summer photography
  • Deliver summer jobs
  • Deliver envelopes for fall
  • Continue to work on winter sports new and old
  • Summer commissions

School Photographers:

Computer maintenance

  • eZevent –  Delete all events > 2 months old
  • Look at hard drive space ‐ backup and delete old data
  • Final cleanup and setup of computers, storage & network


  • Interview & hire employees for fall
  • Train employees on fall programs and systems


  • Test all photography and computer equipment
  • Organize camera setups and organize backup equipment plan


  • Receive prepay flyers from H&H
  • camera cards needed

school photo id programs for photographers

Prepare for next season

H&H Color Lab

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