School and Sports Photographers’ Planning Calendars for February

sports and school photographers - 2012 calendarWe want to help make the lives of school and sports photographers a little easier, so we’ve created two annual planning calendars specifically for school and sports photographers. These timelines help you be proactive – not reactive, in managing your school and sports photography business!

Check it out and download the PDF’s on our resources page, under H&H Information/School Calendars and H&H Information/Sports Photography Timeline.   These are great resource tools to hang by your desk….refer to them often to stay ahead of the game!

Here is our list of things for sports and school photographers to do this month.

School Photography


  • Deliver dance pictures


  • Train photography and office staff on Spring photography

Picture Day

  • Valentine’s Day/Sadie Hawkins/WPA pictures
  • Test equipment and photography setups

Prepare for next season

  • Confirm prom and graduation photography dates


  • Make sales calls to new schools


  • Find out when School will plan next year’s school calendar


  • Confirm cutoff dates and check design status of yearbook
  • Confirm at least 3/4 yearbook is designed
  • Review yearbook designs for progress, canvas size, trim and safety

Sports Photography

Finish up any late winter sports photography

Continue to deliver:

  • Winter sports jobs
  • Envelopes for spring and summer contracts

Continue to make new contacts for spring and summer

Tip for the month:

The best way to keep an account is customer service, customer service, and even more customer service!


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