Professional Photographer’s Guide to Getting Ready for School Photo Season

professional photographer's guide to getting ready for school photo seasonIt’s the middle of July and in about two weeks some of you will be starting your 2011-2012 school photography season.  If you are a seasoned school photographer you probably started your preparations for the upcoming year before school was out in June, if you didn’t H&H can help.

One of the most important things you need is a school picture day flyer that communicates your portrait offerings to your customers.  H&H offers picture day flyers for all kinds of portrait programs pre-pay or proof, traditional or green screen photography.  You can purchase an H&H stock design and add customization about your studio or have our design center team create a completely custom flyer just for you.  What is really important is that you contact the design department NOW and place your orders.

A service which schools and parents have said is important to them is the ability to pay by credit card for school photos.  HHimagehost offers online pre-pay and second sale (reorder) image hosting.  HHimagehost allows you to create an e-commerce site with YOUR studio branding.  This site is capable of allowing end consumers to go online and purchase portraits and extras with a credit card prior to picture day.  The consumer prints a voucher to go into the pre-pay envelope you get on picture.  In addition HHimagehost provides you reports to verify who has paid you and what was ordered for your verification, it’s a simple hassle free way to deal with pre-pay credit card purchases.   HHimagehost can also host your images after picture day for second sale opportunities.  Posting is quick and easy because of integration with our Ezevent workflow software.

Speaking of workflow software be sure that you upgrade to the latest version of Ezevent software for the latest products and most functionality and oh don’t forget to order your camera cards.

We strongly recommend that if you have to provide barcoded ID cards to school you get a test done before you submit a test before ordering you final cards.  We offer the popular press printed styles and PVC cards. Please see our June Blog Post on School Photo IDs for more information.

Don’t forget:

  • To test all your equipment.
  • Order combs and supplies.
  • Get help you need hired and trained.
  • If you are hiring seasonal help, over hire.  Someone will leave when you don’t expect it.
  • Order marketing booklets for your up coming selling season.
  • Re-verify information with your schools prior to the start of school. It’s a great time to talk to the decision makers.  Make sure you know everything they want in terms of service items so you don’t get surprised.
  • If you have questions we are here to help.

GO…GO…GO…and have a successful school portrait season!

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