Top 5 Things School Portrait Photographers Should Be Doing in October

Ron Fleckal brings us an update on what the school portrait photographer should be doing now to prepare for the upcoming school year.  Here are the things that should be completed in October:

  1. Order and deliver all promised service items ( admin CDs, yearbook CDs, service prints, etc. ) from all schools where retakes and makeup sessions have been photographed.
  2. Begin calling on your prospective schools for the 2011-2012 academic calendar year. Make certain that they know the following:
    1. You WANT their business, you’re local, experienced, and deserve a chance, and YOU can best service their needs.
    2. Ask them directly to not renew or extend any picture dates or agreements  ( for next year or any future year ) UNTIL they’ve had an opportunity to listen to your complete proposal.
    3. Ask them how things went this year and if there was anything that could be improved…is there something they need that they’re not getting from their current provider?
    4. Set a date when it would be convenient for you to return and make a proposal
  3. Pay close attention to local High Schools that are in the running for regional and state title championships; if you are presently doing these schools, be prepared to quickly design an H&H printed banner that will contain their team picture and appropriate graphics to announce them as such should they win the title. And don’t forget to boldly name your studio!And if you’re NOT doing these schools, connect with their athletic director and offer to do this at no charge to crack open the door for future business; there’s simply no better introduction of your services to this athletic department!
  4. If you are the publisher for any of your schools soft cover yearbooks, don’t forget to reserve your printing needs at H&H immediately. Production slots are filling fast and we want your book’s production cycles on our list! And if you’ll be creating the layouts or assisting, it’s not too early to begin choosing and learning the software required; look into this soon.
  5. If you are still shooting, get your makeup days scheduled as early as possible and announced properly. Make sure you have the appropriate camera cards ready for each project, sales literature available at the schools, and you’re prepared in every way to wrap up these projects and get picture packages delivered well in advance of Thanksgiving. We are hearing that schools are expecting faster and faster delivery of packages and our production team is delivering the goods incredibly fast! Use this enhanced service to grow your business!
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