New H&H Products using Green Screen Image Capture Technology

H&H is announcing a series of new products for independent professional photographers using green screen image capture technology.  The concept behind these new photo products is that the green screen customer image need only be captured once but can be reused many times over to create unique, exciting and dynamic personalized photo products, not only on picture day sale but again and again for web based resale.

This allows H&H to only charge a one-time fee for green screen image background knock out, no matter how many additional backgrounds a photographer subsequently wants to place behind the original subject image.

A “Style Print” combines the subject image with an dynamic graphic design border with personalization with a subject background which complements the color and design of the border.

The “Art Print” which uses a graphic product background and multiple versions of the subject image which have been dynamically cropped, desaturated and layered to create a contemporary high style portrait.

This classroom group is a composite of individual three-quarter length subject images composited on to a pano print and is combined with school logo and name.

A wide variety of unique non-traditional products employing this technology is also available, including mouse pads, mugs, aluminum water bottles, banners, key fobs, buttons, magnets, notepads and bag tags…ideally suited to the school and sports photo markets.

Because of the integration between the picture day software and HHImageHost professional photography online sales, photographers can effortlessly post their work online for second sales opportunities.  Seasonal holiday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Grandparent’s Day products are being added to the product line-up to provide recurring and multiple sales opportunities for pro photographers.  HHImageHost allows you, the professional photography studio, to offer the convenience of presenting subject images on products and accepts “hassle free” on-line credit card payments from shoppers such as parents and student athletes from school and sporting events.  Your customers can choose and view the different backgrounds you choose to offer, and even crop the image in the product they are buying.

green screen photography tools for school photographers

green screen photography for school photographers

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