Meet Colleen Gonsar

Colleen Gonsar

At our H&H Color Lab School Summit in 2017, Colleen Gonsar, of Colleen and Company, was awarded the Inspiration Award.

The Inspiration Award goes to a professional photography business that has made significant changes in their business to respond to changing market conditions and new business opportunities.

In making significant changes, decisiveness, humility, insight and integrity are required to be successful in a way that aligns with right personal and corporate values.

Colleen re-positioned her business from a high volume senior photography business with multiple locations, into a diversified year-round, full -service family, children, high school senior, school, sports, and corporate photography business.  The result is Colleen and Company is now able to serve more and broader kinds of customers with a better quality of life for the company personnel.

In this interview, we sat down with Colleen and talked about what changes she has seen in the industry and what decisions she made to stay relevant in this ever changing industry.

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