Top 5 Things School Portrait Photographers Should Do in July

Ron Fleckal brings us an update on what the school portrait photographer should be doing now to prepare for the upcoming school year.  Here are the things that should be completed in July:

  1. Print your prepay flyers.  School’s right around the corner, so it’s time to have your pre-pay flyers printed; and if you’re pressed for time, let H&H Color Lab’s professional design team do the creative work for you!
  2. Get data from school.  Request an up-to-date set of student information from your school’s IT people; it’s best to ask for an Excel spreadsheet that includes records for first name, last name, grade, teacher, home room number, student ID number, etc. Make sure you get ALL the data you’ll need to satisfy the complete needs of the office, library, lunchroom, yearbook staff, and anyone who will utilize your school portraits matched to this data.  You can find help managing data in eZevent on the training video page of our website.
  3. Prepare your backgrounds.  Order your new backgrounds if it’s time for a change or clean those you’ll be recycling for another year. Shoot some lighting tests and order test prints to ensure that you are getting the precise look and feel you desire.
  4. Secure shoot dates.  Confirm in writing all picture dates for any late July or August registration photo shoots.
  5. Organize service item changes with your photo lab.  Order H&H production setups for any new custom ID cards; order changes for all existing setups that require year, data or design changes; when the approval ID cards arrive, take them to your schools to insure that they meet all school requirements, especially testing any bar codes using your school’s bar code readers. If a bar code will not read, we want to know this now when there’s plenty of time to resolve any faulty reading issues.

Don’t forget that our photo lab will be posting Ron’s tips each month, to help you stay on track with scheduling your school year.  Feel free to comment with additional school information that would be helpful to you.

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