Increase Your Photography Package Sales With Well-Crafted School & Sports Flyers

Ever frequent a restaurant that uses outstanding food photography to promote their menu items? Kind of makes you want to try something new…an item you might not order otherwise and maybe even spend a few dollars more? That’s marketing … and the pleasing visual presentation works especially well for your school and sports picture programs.

A well-designed sales piece will always:

  • Be neat, clean, attractive, well organized and visually up-to-date
  • Showcase your most desirable products
  • Include collections that include everything a consumer could possibly desire
  • Be easy for your buyer to understand and order from
  • Provide multiple payment options
  • Visually direct your customers towards the packages you want to sell
  • Properly match your offering with H&H’s software and green screen program requirements for easy order entry

Other reasons to make your flyers look and work their best include:

  • They’re the first impression a consumer has of your business
  • They make the school or organization you represent look good in the eyes of their patrons
  • Anything short of the best is leaving money on the table

And there’s no better time than NOW to begin refreshing your printed sales materials. Start by reviewing H&H’s stock offering here:

The easiest way to accomplish this end and properly integrate your promotions with H&H’s extensive product lineup of products and services is to utilize our Design Center.

Start your journey to a stunning first impression by following this link to learn more about what our Design Center can do for you….and watch for our upcoming flyer and design specials to be announced next week!

Take a look at our school and sports photography sales flyers.

And when you’re ready to begin the actual creation process, scroll down just a bit from the above page and click on this link:

School photography flyer


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