How Can I Grow My School and Sports Photography Business?


I get this question frequently from studio owners that are looking for new revenue streams.

Actually, the answer is very simple (not easy, but simple), GO OUT AND SELL, NOW! Getting

GOOD schools, the kinds with good buy rate and the kinds of schools you want to work with, is going to require that you go to them and ask for their business.

Hit the Pavement and Ask for the Business:

This time of year is a great time to touch your prospects because they are just starting the school year or in many cases school doesn’t officially start until after Labor Day. It’s the perfect time to reach decision makers who are available to talk with you because they aren’t involved with the day to day operation of school business and all that goes with it.

The Goal:

The goal for your visit should be to get an appointment for a specific date to present information on why you are the best choice to fill their school portrait needs for the following 2015-2016 school year. In addition to getting an appointment you want to ask them not to re-sign with their current photography provider until you have a chance to show them what you have to offer.

Make a Commitment to Sales

I know most people don’t like to go sell and in particular like to make cold calls, but it is the only way you will grow your opportunities. My business didn’t really grow until we made a commitment to sales activities. Once we made that commitment, we have grown by 20 new schools per year. If you really consider why the national school portrait companies or large regional independent studios have grown, there is one answer. They call it “feet on the street”, which means actively calling on schools to ask for their business. It’s a strategy that works. To quote a famous athletic shoe company Just Do It!


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Jeff Edwards School PhotographyPost by Jeff Edwards – Scholastic Reflections, Milwaukee, WI

Jeff has 33 years of experience in the school and senior portrait markets. He currently operates a full service portrait studio and has experienced tremendous growth in the school markets through his Scholastic Reflections division of his business. He has worked for a national school portrait company as the director of sales as well as consulted for other companies that where in the school photography markets on a national level.


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