H&H Automated Composites – The Aspirin for Composite Headaches!

Class composites for elementary schools have always been painful to produce – and we have to produce a lot of them! The process to order, proof, correct, re-proof, re-order corrected versions and deliver them has not only been time consuming, but expensive when you factor in set-up and correction charges.

We have found the aspirin for our composite headaches by using Auto Composites from H&H Color Lab. Their auto composites allow us to meet the needs of 95% of class composites that we produce for our school customers.

school composites for professional photographers

The H&H automated composites give us lots of options. The auto composite can accommodate six to fifty subjects. The title block can have up to five lines of data.  For these lines we like to use the school name, year, grade, principal’s name and the teacher’s name. We can create a custom background for the composite with a school logo if we need to, or choose a simple color background. We can also select from two text colors.  Auto composites even has a feature to easily add the names of “not-pictured students” when requested to do so by the school.

Proofing is so easy. We generate images and a data report from H&H’s software. The school marks up the corrections and returns the report to us. We then make all the necessary corrections and order 1 composite for each class printed and send them to the school for final review before ordering.

Auto composites have a 24 hour in-lab production time, so they come back to us fast.  They are available in both 6 X 8 and 8 X10 sizes and the prices are great – $0.74 and $1.48 respectively.

WE LOVE AUTO COMPOSITES from H&H!  We do some basic data management and in return get a great looking product that is delivered fast and easily meets our schools’ demands. On top of that, they are a great deal because there is NO SET-UP charge and the prints are priced so reasonably.

If you do class composites and aren’t using H&H Auto Composites, I strongly recommend you check it out.


by Jeff Edwards, Scholastic Reflections

H&H Color Lab

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