Top 5 Things School Portrait Photographers Should Be Doing in August

Ron Fleckal brings us an update on what the school portrait photographer should be doing now to prepare for the upcoming school year.  This would also be a good time to review his tips from July.  Here are the things that should be completed in August:

1. Practice, practice, practice.

Rehearse all upcoming shoots using ALL computer hardware, software and photo equipment including your backup equipment as well.

2. Get and clean up data.

Obtain student information as Exel files for all schools; clean up and save as CSV files for import to your eZevent projects.

3. Prepare for August Shoots.

Build eZevent projects for all August registration shoots and print sorted camera cards; separate the cards and label for fast alphabetical retrieval during the shoot; then perform a low res backup for each project and archive these files.

4. Verify shoot dates.

Verify shoot dates for all Fall schools; visiting your schools in person to do this provides you with another reason to show up and be more visible!

5. Go get new schools.

Call on all schools within a one hour drive radius of your studio and ask them if they’ve booked their photographer for this year; if any have yet to choose a photographer for this fall, turn up the heat on a sales presentation by first scheduling a five minute appointment to introduce yourself and ask some basic questions; then show up with a fistful of free studio logo writing pens to give to the office staff.

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