A New Idea for Youth Sports Coach Appreciation

sports photographers clubHave you heard of the new Sports Club H&H has started for professional youth sports photography?  If not, you need to join! I did and am very excited to be part of the inaugural year.   As a member of the sports club, you receive the product of the year at a discounted price for the ENTIRE year.  The 2013 product of the year is the clipboard.  I am so excited about this because it provides a great opportunity for me to show my appreciation to the coaches and leagues for their business!

So you want to tell your coaches “thank you” for a season well done. In years past, you have given out the trophies, the plaques, the certificates, etc. There’s only so much wall and desk space available, and after a few years, you tend to run out of room .  What’s something new that you can give and still show your appreciation that’s different and unique? 

In my own photography business, I struggled with coming up with a new coaches appreciation gift after years of giving the same old, same old.  I wanted my clients to be able to offer something to their coaches that would actually do something other than collect dust.  When H&H Color Lab introduced the dry erase clipboards, I knew I had found it.  Here was a product that could be personal to each coach, something that they could actually use while coaching, and something outside the “norm”.

These clipboards have been a hit AND I receive a nice discount by being a youth sports photography club member.  It is a win win for everyone!


Guest post by Leigh LaForest JL photo Davison, MI


H&H Color Lab

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