How Professional Photographers Can Utilize Camera Phones

They are everywhere. The quality of the image we can get from a camera phone is improving every day!

We use them to document the fun times we have in our lives.

We use them to show where we are,

But they can be used for so much more.

Here are some of the ways I use my camera phone.

1. To document issues when I receive a shipment

2. Remembering room numbers.

With all the traveling that I do, it’s not uncommon for me not to remember my room number. For security reasons it’s not recommended to keep your room number with your room key, I will often snap a quick cell phone pick of my room number so I remember what it is.

I’ve also used this trick to remember rental car license plate numbers.

3. Keeping track of mileage

If you need to turn in mileage reports, using your smart phone to snap a pic of your odometer is a great way to do this. In addition to recording the mileage, date and time, with many camera phones you have the option to embed gps data into the image as well. With the correct software, you can then see where the photo was taken. On my iPhone, with location services active, all my pics have the gps data embedded. I then use an app called Koredoko to map the images.

4. Remembering part numbers, model numbers, etc.

I take pics of all sorts of things to remember what to buy – Printer model numbers,

Labels to purchase,

and even the numbers off the most awesome blender that I’ve ever used.

5. I have  used my camera phone to document proposed project layouts for customers.

6. I have even been know to use my camera phone to snap a picture of a program outline that I’m to do the next day to use as my syllabus.

What other ways do you use your camera phone?

We’d love to see examples in the comments below!

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