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adobe photoshop playbook

As a new user to Photoshop, opening the application can be extremely intimidating. I remember the first time I opened Photoshop and thought “Now What?”

Reading the help didn’t help much. It explained what each tool did, but rarely gave me an example of when I would use it.

For example, I wanted to know how to do an eye swap. Well, that can involve the marquee tool. Copying, Pasting, Using Masks, Transforming and possibly levels or curves to make it happen. That was a lot of reading to do in help and it didn’t tell me how to put each of those steps together.

Well, a lot has changed since I first started learning Photoshop. YouTube is a great resource for learning how to do many things with Photoshop.

Adobe has even gotten into the mix. They’ve created a YouTube channel that is titled the Photoshop Playbook. Currently, there are 5 seasons available for review with approximately 10 episodes per season.

You can find everything from: Black & White Conversion, Removing Red Eye, working with HDR images, Noise Reduction and much, much more.

Hit the Photoshop icon below to check out the videos.

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