Add some old friends to Photoshop CS5

Adobe Photoshop CS5 shipped without some old faithful scripts that many photographers used on a daily basis.

Some of them were replaced with newer features in Adobe Bridge. A good example is the contact sheet script. To create a contact sheet with Adobe Photoshop CS5, you go into Adobe Bridge and choose to output to Web or PDF.  The PDF version works great as long as you have the tools to deal with a pdf file.

However, if you were using the contact sheet generator to build pages to send to H&H for output, this adds additional work and some complexity to finish since the files need to be converted over to jpgs.

But never fear – you can find some of these faithful companions for Photoshop on Adobe’s web site.

The following link will take you to  the Photoshop Optional plug-ins page:

from there, follow the links to the appropriate plug-ins and downloads.

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