Photography Training Tuesdays – Top 10 Lightroom 5 Tips

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This week, I asked customer service if they had some training tips for the Training Tuesday blog.  I asked for questions that they answer all of the time, or sites they use that they thought would be good to share with you.   I received many wonderful ideas for this blog that we will post in the weeks and months ahead.  But today, I will feature a site that our digital guy, Bentley Skeie, shared with me—Julianne Kost blog.

I decided to feature this video tutorial on Lightroom 5 that she posted back in February.  If this doesn’t interest you—poke around this site—there is a plethora of information here!

Happy Learning!


Video Tutorial – Top 10 Hidden Gems in Lightroom 5

Since sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference in our workflow, I thought I would repost this video (Top 10 Hidden Gems in Lightroom 5) today.  I cover  the additional, seldom talked about, features in Lightroom 5 that can make a huge difference in the way that you work with your images.


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