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Training Tuesday topics for this week are:

1.  Georgia McCabe – Four part blog series on social media marketing

2. Kirk Voclain talks about the best marketing tips you will ever hear!


georgia-mccabe-photographyGeorgia McCabe, a guest blogger of H&H, is in the middle of a four part series on social media marketing.  As we all know, Facebook has changed their rules AGAIN, and these changes were the inspiration for this blog series.



Part OneMake Your Social Media a Magnet for Fan Visuals discusses how “it’s time to think of prospects and customers as your partners, as a tremendous collective resource for your community. If you approach your social media with this fresh attitude, you’re on your way to getting more fan contributions and sending a social signal that will command attention”

Part Two:  3 Easy Steps to Get Fans to Post Their Image Content gives you the techniques and tools to get your fans to post their images.

Don’t miss the last two blogs on this topic.  Part three is due on April 11th, so check back then!   Thank you, Georgia, for keeping us “up-to-date” with ideas that can help improve our social media marketing!

Get motived by Kirk Voclain and learn the best marketing tips you will ever hear!

Kirk Voclain

Image by Kirk Voclain

Kirk Voclain is a man who knows how to market. He wanted to be a photographer from a young age and soon realized how integral marketing is in the photography business. His tips help all types of photographers improve their business.


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