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Google Analytics for Beginners

Do you have any experience or knowledge of Google Analytics?  This is a POWERFUL tool for digital marketers. This tool helps answer many questions on how people interact with your site, gives insight into your audience and the ability to track their consumer patterns and habits.

According to a recent Accenture survey of Chief Marketing Officers, those investing over 50% of their  overall marketing budget in digital marketing will double to 23% over the next 12 months. That means that 23% of CMO’s surveyed plan to devote the majority of their budgets to digital marketing next year. Only 34% of Chief Marketing Officers will spend less than a quarter of their budget on digital, web-based marketing. Marketing dollars are chasing customers where they browse and shop, which is online.  The bottom line:  more companies will be using digital marketing to advertise in the future. This trend affects large and small businesses alike, and requires new skills.

A great place to begin is to track your customers using web analytics tools like Google Analytics. The insight and ability to adapt to consumer behavior has never been more powerful for the marketer.  A great next step after setting up your website with analytics is to try Google AdWords, which allows you to market online in your local area.  You can link your Google AdWords campaign to your website and track prospects from your online campaign.

Google Analytics is a FREE tool you can use to increase your sales!  I encourage you to take a few moments to learn about what Google has to offer and to think about how this can help you grow your business!

Here are a few helpful links on this topic.

These short, simple videos give a basic understanding as to how Google Analytics and Google AdWords work, and how they help businesses grow.





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