Photography Training Tuesday – Photography Lighting Techniques, hhschools Updates

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Today’s Training Tuesday blog includes the following information:

  • hhschools Updates
  • Using Light Meters


Open hhschools today and update to the most recent version to take advantage of all the improvements and new features for the fall’s school picture season.

Service Items for the Admin CDs

Just in time to take care of your schools’ administrative software needs. You’ll find the selection of the export to be much cleaner with the most common exports listed together and the rest of them tucked neatly away under the Show All option. Currently there are 207
to choose from.


Easy way to update all the package groups from the master package

  • Located in the manage package dialog
  • Select a package group to edit and an update button will run a comparison of the particular package group you want to update to with the same package groups that are associated to active projects
  • Review a report that will display the differences, if any, with the package groups that are associated to the active projects
  • See which package groups match (and which ones don’t) that you can auto update with the changes you need to make
  • Explains in simple detail how to update the package groups
    that don’t match

Template Mapping Report

  • Gives you the template name and what has been mapped to the text fields
  • Provides easy way to verify your personalization for all templates

Project Summary

  • easier to read


Four new PVC Studio Background Series ID Cards &  Four new Digital Press Laminated Studio Background Series ID Cards

  • greater flexibility for your needs
  • updated design with 6 map-able text lines for greater flexibility
  • student ID can be displayed in a human readable font



Crop warning to include the products that can’t apply a default center crop from an 8×10 aspect ratio


These products are:

Buttons, Dog Tags, Photo Magnet Bottle Cap Jewelry, Photo Magnet Only for Bottle Cap Jewelry, Mother of Pearl Necklace, Individual Deluxe Keychain w/photo, Individual 3×3 magnet with text, Individual 3×3 magnet without text, Individual 3×3 mirror with text & the Individual 3×3 mirror with text

The purpose of this crop warning is to prevent costly remakes for missing these special templates and, of course, the loss of time in delivering the packages to your school.

Along with the above improvements, we have addressed issues such as:

  1. Camera card report only printing those subjects not pictured
  2. Validation of green screen backgrounds to only validate the
    subjects in the order
  3. Mistake-proofed the selection of options on the Import Wizard
  4. Added the Rank Field

For training videos related to hhschools, please click the link here

To download hhschools update, please click here


Learning How to Use a Light Meter

How to use a light meter

As professional photographers, we all know how important proper lighting is.  Bentley Skeie, our digital guy, found the Sekonic website.  Sekonic gives some great tips and has numerous blogs and videos on how to handle different lighting situations. Check out this video feature on light metering for food photography:

Spend some time exploring this site!


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