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In today’s Training Tuesday blog, we are going to talk about the following:


  • Lesson from Julianne Kost:  the difference between Lightroom and Bridge
  • On The Road Education- speakers sponsored by H&H


Video Tutorial – What is the Difference Between Lightroom or Bridge?


What’s the difference between Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Bridge? Check out this video from Julieanne Kost to see her take on this question:


Direct link to video

So, Adobe Bridge grew out of Photoshop’s File Browser, a dozen versions ago. Lightroom has evolved from the professional photographer’s need for more specific workflows. It’s not an either/or decision between programs. Different applications and workflows will be better suited for Lightroom and Bridge, depending on what you are trying to do. In this video, Julieanne provides a great breakdown of when to use which program.

Upcoming Education:

H&H speakers are great educators and are on the road again bringing great programs to you. Don’t miss them if they are coming to your area!

Family portrait photography

October 12–Akron Society of Professional Photographers

Bruce will spend all day teaching about Family Portrait Photography from A to Z

Pro photography event San Antonio

October 15–Professional Photographers of San Antonio  

Lora’s program is named–Follow Your Heart.  Don’t miss this inspiring program!

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