Photography Training Tuesday – Lighting Ratios and Marketing Images

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In today’s Training Tuesday blog, we are going to talk about the following:

  • Learn an easy way to create marketing images of H&H products.
  • Tim Meyer on Lighting ratios


Creating Marketing Images for Photography Products

It is important to show your work and show what products you are selling.  Here is a short video showing  how to create marketing images of H&H products.  We get this question quite frequently, so Bentley Skeie put together a short video teaching how to create marketing images of H&H products using YOUR images!

Direct link to video

Once you’ve seen the video, jump straight to the photography Products and Packaging section to grab images and start customizing!

Understanding and Using Lighting Ratios

Last week on Training Tuesday, we talked about light meters and gave you a link to some articles on Sekonic’s site to help. This week we are sending you again to Sekonic’s site to read an article by Tim Meyer Photography on Lighting Ratios. Tim is a good friend of H&H and we are proud to sponsor him at speaking engagements around the country!

Photography lighting ratios

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