Training Tuesday – Lighting and Lens Focal Length, Holiday Cards

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In today’s Training Tuesday blog, we are going to talk about the following:


  • Christmas and Holiday Cards –a complete resource guide
  • Lighting Tutorial: How Lens Focal Length Shapes the Face & Controls Perspective:


Professional photography christmas cards

Urgent—only 14 Fridays until Christmas!  So it is time for you to be talking about, showing and selling holiday and Christmas cards to your clients.  Let’s take a look at the resources H&H has available to help you design and sell photo printed cards:


1- H&H offers FREE Photoshop templates so you can easily produce beautifully designed cards.    Look in the resource section for these style cards – you will find lots of great holiday themes:  2 sided cards, folded cards, designer cards, layered cards, tri-fold,  and side show cards.  Note:  be sure to be logged into your H&H account to view and download these FREE PSD files.


2- If you prefer to create your own designs, H&H also offers PSD design guides for each of our card styles and sizes.  Just click on the “resource” link on our website under the style of card you want.

Photo lab christmas cards

3- Another simple way to design a card is in our hhstudio software using the design tools.  In this video below, we will show you how to use these tools to add text and graphics to your images to create a personalized card for your client:

Direct link to video and other card resources


4- We want to help you sell!  We have created holiday card sample kits and slim line card design sheets for you to show your clients.  This allows you more time to photograph and sell.  They are available to order online through our supply order form sheet.


Remember:  all press cards are 25% off the month of September—so plan to order today!


Lighting Tutorial:How Lens Focal Length Shapes the Face & Controls Perspective

The focal length of a lens can have a dramatic impact on the outcome of a shot. This is especially evident when taking photos of a face at close range. Check out the video tutorial below produced by Slanted Lens:

Direct link to video

Jay recommends a 135mm lens for head shots because it produces the most flattering photo with the least distortion. What focal length do you prefer?

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