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Today you will learn about the new updates that were released June 1st in hhimagehost.  Below please find a summary of the update and a training video!

HHImageHost was launched in 2009, to serve the unique needs of volume school and sports photographers. Our goal was to provide online sales capabilities to increase studio sales and decrease studio labor during the busiest time of the volume business year. We are very excited to bring you this update of hhimagehost. This update is dramatic, and it builds out the platform on which future investments will be made.

Whether your goal is to offer hassle-free online credit card purchases for prepay or proof plan sales, or enjoy the “found money” of second sales opportunities, hhimagehost’s simple & fast sales solutions put the studio brand out front.  It provides the peace of mind that comes with secure PCI compliant credit card purchases.   It’s unlimited galleries, unlimited images, and options for automatic fulfillment or studio order fulfillment, makes hhimagehost highly cost effective for the year around volume photographer.

When you look at what we’ve been working on, we hope you will see that we’ve been listening to you, learning the best practices for the volume business, and tying it all together in this integrated online sales program.



Summary of June 1, 2014 update


In this release you now have:

Training Videos

Upgraded Galleries & Consumer Experience

  • Entire consumer site is HTML5 so it is usable on iPads
  • Improved and refined gallery design and aesthetics
  • “Full Screen” preview available – this is especially helpful for selling group shots
  • Larger preview thumbnails
  • Simplified user experience
  • Improved watermarking.  Custom studio watermark png file now forms a step and repeat pattern across the image so it provides better copyright protection while providing more studio control
  • “Favorites” feature simpler to use and more intuitive

Second Sale Event Improvements

  • Improved product categories
  • Dramatically improved crop screen
    • Merchandizes products beautifully
    • Allows image rotation and crop rotation
  • Suggestive sales ” you may also like…” and shows that customer’s images in marketing views of products
  • “Free Shipping on purchases over $xx” feature available to incentivize higher sales

Prepay and Proof Plan Event Improvements

  • Ability to offer $0 packages and negative price packages
  • Ability to add additional charges like:
    • Shipping fee
    • School / league credit on order
    • Late fee that displays only after X days after event publishes
  • Can preview prepay price list without creating an event

Upgrade of Back-End Studio Tools

  • Accounting excel Report – shows one tab for each order type, the dollar detail for each order, and a 4th tab which is a P&L summary for the period selected
  • Account Statement – shows each transaction that contributes to the photographer payout
  • Event management – Old events are moved off of main view into “recently expired” and “Archive” to simplify the interface by reducing the number of events in view
  • Can copy price lists and marketing images from one hhimagehost account to another
  • Improved event expiration control
    • You can now change expiration date to any day forward or backward within initial 90 day period at no additional charge
    • Once you buy an event extension for $5, it includes unlimited forward or backward expiration changes within that 60-day period
  • General labeling and messaging improvements


More training and information will be coming, but feel free to log in and look around. We think you will be pleased with the new look and new features we’ve been working on.

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